Antifraud for orders

Detect frauds automatically
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  • Version updated on 24/06/2024
  • Compatibility: all PrestaShop versions above 1.3.0 (compatible 1.7)

Price : 35,00 € tax excl.


Used to detect fraud on an order, from the customer's information and its geolocation.

This module analyzes an order on many criteria. A score is established to find out if the order is suspicious or not. Detail of disturbing elements is given to you so that you can resolve the problem by contacting customer eg


  • Provides guidance for determining the validity of a command:
    • The command is abnormally expensive? To what extent?
    • An account with the same IP address exists?
    • The country of control is it part of the usual country of the shop?
    • Geolocation of the customer. You can see the approximate city, region and country.
    • Analysis of distances between the location of the client IP and the address of billing and of destination. This allows to detect packages with relay because the order is made ​​in a country other than that of reception with then cancellation of the payment.
    • Does the customer has many orders these last days?
    • Gives the number of client connections and the number of orders
Links are provided for more details. For example if you click "X other orders were made by the customer within 7 days" it shows you his orders.