Chili Publish Integrator

Integrate all the power of Chili into your store with this complete and flexible Web2Print module.
  • Languages:
  • Version updated on 27/06/2024
  • Compatibility: all Magento versions above 1.4.0 and Prestashop above 1.5.0 (compatible 1.7)

Price : 3 900,00 € tax excl. + potential development (contact us)


Chili Publish Integrator allows you to interface Magento with your Chili Publish (contact us for more information) account and to transform your site into an e-commerce Web2Print platform while keeping its flexibility and its reliability. The Chili Publish Integrator module allows you:

  • To display a customer-friendly Chili frame of edition after adding to cart. You can specify WorkSpace and ViewPrefence of the document to highly customize the client interface (optional).
  • To preview the document being created. By clicking Preview, your customer will download in AJAX (without page refresh) the images of the document modified by the customer.
  • To re-edit and preview a Chili document after a first submitting in the cart.
  • To have on your orders a clear synthesis of the parameters of Chili products, to generate a PDF output for production that displays the pages of the Chili document modified by the customer and to transmit it easily to your co-workers.
  • The installation is fast and flexible.

Some technical aspects

  • The size of the Chili frame adapts to the screen size of the user.
  • Chili Publish Integrator is compatible with dedicated and shared servers. It allows the implementation of a rerouting by proxy in the Apache configuration (method recommended by Chili for a better integration) but also works without.
  • The module organizes clearly your Chili documents. You begin by indicating a template Chili document in the location of your choice. When a customer adds a Chili product to the cart, Chili Publish Integrator will copy the template document in a subdirectory inside the TMP directory. The subdirectory is named "Cart of <date of creation of the cart>". Then at the end of the order, when the customer pays, this document is moved in the ORDERS directory in a subdirectory called "Order #<order number>". Finally the PDF of production bears a name indicating the references and the names of your product and the Chili document. The interface of administration also allows you to ensure a good traceability.
  • You can configure the display of the preview (resolution, watermark, etc.) and the production file (score lines, margins, etc).
  • You can preview and edit the Chili document from your admin interface if for example there would be a spelling mistake.
  • When your products are configured you can manage the totality of the process of command and production without having to turn to the Chili interface. However, you can still do so through quick shortcuts placed in the module or using traceability informations available in the order panel.
  • A periodic script (CRON) allows to erase the old Chili documents as which no order was thrown. This operation allows not to accumulate useless documents which can slow down largely the Chili server.
  • A detailed documentation is provided with the module.

If you have particular needs, it is possible to add functions to the module. For that purpose, contact us directly.