All ERP Integrator

Integrating all data from any ERP
  • Languages:
  • Version updated on 18/06/2024
  • Compatibility: all PrestaShop versions above 1.4.0 (compatible 1.7) and Magento versions above 1.4.0

Price : 195,00 € tax excl.


Allows interfacing PrestaShop with any ERP. The module has the ability to interact fully with your ERP to extract data.

Note: No action is required for the editor of your ERP and 100% of ERP are interfaceable.

All ERP Integrator is a technical module, but very powerful that interacts with any type of website or program. It has the ability to simulate clicks or keystrokes on your PC, extract text from a GUI, to identify and navigate on a website by interpreting the HTML code and interact with your PrestaShop store to insert or read information.

To interface your ERP or any other system, a script must be written to explain to the module how it should interact with the software to extract information and where to import different data in your shop. The script is generally written fastly and can be developed by a programmer of your choice or by our company. This cost must be expected in addition to the module. You can contact us for a quote.

Examples of use  :

  • Synchronize the ERP catalog with Prestashop
  • Synchronize stocks
  • Centralize business management importing Web orders in the ERP and synchronizing the statutes of orders
  • Import information from banking interface to enrich the analysis of orders (the tool pass most of identification systems, even in case of random numeric keypad for the identification code)
  • Automate accounting
  • Send emails or promotions to suppliers or distributors in functions of different situations to make dropshipping


The module is interfaced with a Java program provided with having these features:
  • Web Browsing
  • Cookie management
  • Simulation clicks and keystrokes
  • Opening programs, window management
  • Dialogue with the database via the API Prestashop
  • Extracting information from a web page or GUI software
  • Processing Images to Text
  • Automatic translator with Bing and Yandex