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Become the cheap and the best informed competitor
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  • Version updated on 27/06/2024 - Version number : 5.3.5
  • We recommend using this crawler : PricesTracker Crawler. Prototype version of the crawler : 1.2.1-alpha
  • Compatibility: all PrestaShop versions above 1.3.0

Price : 295,00 € tax excl.

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Monitor and Analyze prices of your competitors' sites

  • High accuracy and stability of the recovery in prices (through a system based on regular expressions)
  • No subscription = cheaper
  • Developed to save time (overlap by textual proximity, bookmarks, etc.) and react quickly!


This module allows for competitive intelligence dramatically reducing the workload because it automatically retrieves information on the websites of your competitors. This system is the only one to offer this service without subscription! The majority of competitive intelligence services cost 50-100 € / month, so this addon will be profitable very quickly. More, it is suitable for e-merchant with no technical expertise.

The module is in three parts:

1) "Analysis" will launch a Java script that runs on your computer (not to slow down your server). It searches for your competitors' products on their sites and takes their prices. It will also consider the textual proximity of product names with your products through an AI algorithm to facilitate matching.

2) "Matching of products" to associate your products with competitors' products. This step is the most time consuming but you do it once. Several tools are available to simplify the task: sorting by proximity of product name, sorting by closest price, searching by string. You can associate sevral competitor's products with the same product .

3) "Price comparison" allows you to compare prices recovered with yours and adjust your price accordingly. A color code indicates if your price is higher or lower than the competitor. You monitor some products more than others by adjusting the frequency of updating and using favorites that allow you to group products for example in a favorite "T-shirts with a price which often evolves". You can also apply pricing rules to send alerts or automatically change your prices according to those competitors.

MEGA version

MEGA version provides you what is more evolved in terms of pricing benchmarking. The main dashboard is a powerful tool to measure the competitive forces present in your market. It shows a graph with the number of products where you are more expensive and cheaper than your competitors. A color gradient informs on the degree of competition (price difference higher than 2%, 5%, etc.). You also have average price, weighted average value of sales (to give more importance to your most wanted products in analysis) and their evolutions.

Filters are available on all displays to show only data specific to a brand, a category, a price range, a competitor, a favorites ... This is particularly useful for the analysis of a segment in dashboard. Many shortcuts and One-click features are also available to simplify the tasks.

The version provides prices of major marketplaces and Rapid Pricing section allows you to estimate the price of a new product based on those available on the marketplaces (used and new).

MEGA version also improves matching with two options: the association by proximity to automatically associate your competitors' products with yours thanks to rules on many criteria and Google Matching with which you can search a competitor's product on Google with one click and associate it with your product through a Firefox extension.

The extension Statistics

The extension Stats allows you to analyze prices data with PivotTables in Javascript. For example, you can compare the average prices between you and your competitors for each brand by filtering on a particular category. With this method you can discover competitors' strategies.


  • Automatic search for products and prices
    • Cracking Ajax protections of prices present on some sites
    • Retrieving combinations of competitors and price changes
    • Possibility to change the Http-User-Agent
    • Setting the crawler
    • Total crawling of sites and partially after (depending on products to monitor more frequently) except to detect new products
  • Matching of competitors' products with yours in one click. Link with your products through several techniques:
    • Similarity of product names (the AI algorithm is very efficient in practice for this task, it is the recommended method)
    • Proximity of competitors' prices with your products
    • Searching for text in the title of the competitor's product
  • Comparative table between your products and those of competitors
    • Favorites to separate products regularly monitored to others and organize by categories
    • Quick access to the Pricing tab of the product
    • Color code to indicate a higher or lower price
    • Quick access to the page of the competitor's product
    • Display the date of the last update and change the frequency of update
    • Pricing rules to alert by email when the price of a competitor is disturbing or change your price automatically
    • Excel Export